Local Events occur at different locations within Greater Boston. See our local calendar.

Conferences an incomplete list but a good list nonetheless can be found at the link.


AMESBURYAmesbury Rudolf Steiner Study Group – Our small group gathers on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:00 in Amesbury.  There are currently four of us attending regularly – lots of room for more! We are beginning with the lecture series “The Gospel of St. John” by Rudolf Steiner.  If you would like to visit or join us, please do!  Contact Pam Fenner – 978-388-1450 (home) or 978-609-0025 (cell),  or Cecilia Leigh – 717-304-3043,

BEVERLYThe Cape Ann Study Group meets every other Monday at 7:30 pm at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm, 701 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA.  We will begin this fall at Michaelmas.  This year we will work with Steiner’s volume: “The Foundations of Human Experience” (also known as “The Study of Man“).  We welcome all who would like to engage in a lively and warm exploration and reflection around Rudolf Steiner’s work.  For further information please contact facilitators John and Carrie Schuchardt at 978-356-9395.

BEVERLYSix Attributes Study Group with Alton C. Frabetti, Ph.D. – The six exercises were conceived by Rudolf Steiner to develop gently five attributes of the heart chakra, the sixth as balance itself as the attentive selection of rotating techniques.  The group will meet to discuss the exercises, their significance, their overall effects, and to respond to any questions you may have.  The first session was held on Wednesday, June 27th.  For information on future sessions and location, please contact Alton directly at

CONCORDThe Rudolf Steiner Study Group of Concord gathers together on the first and third Tuesday of the month from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the Concord Library. Our group resumes on September 18th with the study of “Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts” by Rudolf Steiner.  For more information, please contact Michael Marlow at

LEXINGTONThe Lexington Group is held, when school is in session, at the Waldorf School of Lexington, Friday mornings from 8:30-10. The group is currently finishing “Karmic Relationships,” Volume 3, and may follow in the fall with the lecture series entitled “The Mission of Michael” by Rudolf Steiner.  For questions contact Irene Goncharov at: 781-229-6382.

LEXINGTONThe First Class of the School of Spiritual Science for members of the First Class is held monthly in the 4th Grade Room at The Waldorf School of Lexington, 739 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington. Lessons are generally held on the 2nd Saturday of each month: 9/15, 10/13, 11/10, 12/8, and for 2019, 1/12, 2/9, 3/9, 4/13, 5/11. The morning sessions begin at 9:00 am with a conversation concerning the previous lesson.  The current lesson begins at 9:45 a.m.  For information concerning membership in the First Class, please contact Vanya Yoors at:

NEWTON – WABANThe Rudolf Steiner Group of Waban meets at the home of the Ingham’s, 14 Lorraine Circle, Waban, the first and third Thursday of each month. The evening begins at 7:00 pm with a social time followed by reading and discussion.  The group is beginning this fall on September 20th with the lecture series “The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness” by Rudolf Steiner.  For more information, please call Joanna or Kenneth Ingham at 617-969-0388.


MYSTECH STUDY GROUP (The Mysteries of Technology)

MysTech meets online Mondays 8:30-9:40 pm.  This international group will study Rudolf Steiner’s work on Mechanical Occultism and Moral-based Technology.  New groups commence September 17th. Limited to 12 participants.  For more information contact Andrew Linnell at:


1st & 2nd Thursday Evenings – Festivals: 8-9:30 pm – Starts in September – “The Christian Year” by Evelyn Francis Capel

3rd Wednesday Evening: 8-9:30 pm – Starts in October – “Theosophy” by Rudolf Steiner

3rd Thursday Morning group:  7:30-9:00 am – Ends October – “The Karma of Untruthfulness” Vol. One

3rd Tuesday Morning group:  7:30-9:00 am – Starts in November – “The Karma of Untruthfulness” Vol. Two

3rd Thursday Evening Group:  8-9:15 pm – Ongoing – “Michael and the Two-Horned Beast: The Challenge of Evil Today in the light of Rudolf Steiner’s science of the spirit” by Bernard Nesfield-Cookson

4th Wednesday Evening Group:  8-9:30 pm – Starts in September – “Life Between Death and Rebirth” by Rudolf Steiner

4th Thursday Evening Meditations:  8-9:15 pm – Started in June – “Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac” by John Jocelyn

Call or email me if you’re interested: Diane McGary 617-840-5544              Times are Eastern Time Zone


The members of the Anthroposophical Society are invited to meet via zoom the 2nd Wednesday of the Month from 7:30-9 p.m. beginning September 12th.  There will be quarterly potluck gatherings, dates and locations to be determined.  All members of the Anthroposophical Society are welcome. For more information, please contact: Cynde Reilly

Zoom address: